Basement finishing tips



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As I'm looking at purchasing a house in the next year or so I know I'll be finishing a basement, or remodeling an existing one for a dedicated room.
Figured this could be an interesting thread will do's and dont's in the process.
For walls along the foundation, 2x3 or 2x4. Do you keep studs right up against the foundation or a few inches away, vapor barrier or no, if 2x3 studs do you space them every 16 or 24 inches. Rolled insulation, foam board, or other. Drywall thickness. The reason I bring these up is there is a long debate on 'the right way' especially pertaining to moisture.


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If you search through my old posts from 2004/05 you can follow my build out of my bare basement to dedicated home theater. I spent about 9 months planning (while the house was being built) and then 7-9 months doing the work on nights and weekends.

Unfortunately I have since moved :(

It was a great theater.


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Good questions. For our basement finishing project, studs were few inches from foundation, no vapor barrier, spray-foam insulation (open and closed cell, depending on location). 5/8-inch drywall for all walls, double-thickness for the ceiling of the theater.

Here's my post on my theater room insulation, as part of my larger theater construction series:

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