Audio Lag with Yamaha Receiver



Hello all! I am relatively new to the surround sound life and I have a nagging problem that I feel is unacceptable. I have audio lag that cannot be ignored. I recently bought a V685 Yamaha Receiver to go with existing Sony speakers in the front and center. I also bought Music Cast speakers for the rear surround. The TV is a 65" Vizio E Series. I do not have cable TV, but I have a PS4, XBox One X and Nintendo Switch hooked up. I also use bunny ears for air channels. I have Googled the living hell out of this problem and have found nothing that's helped. I currently run Audio from the TV to the Receiver, and HDMIs to all gaming systems. There is audio lag in all HDMI inputs, and with the air channels, it is un-watchable it is so bad. I have adjusted the Lip Sync feature on the TV, it just takes it from bad to worse. I have changed the Digital audio out on the TV from PCM to Bitstream to Dolby (I think I said that right?). I messed with the Analog audio out. I have switched the cables, using HDMI from TV to receiver instead. I have used the Yamaha app to change the DSP and adjust the size of the room and all that. Keep in mind that this similar setup was used with an old Yamaha Receiver with NO audio lag, so it HAS to be the receiver. The lag is bad with video games and Blu-Rays, and much worse when watching streamed content such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

I was born with some hearing loss, so I have learned to read lips my entire life. When the audio doesnt match the lips, it is awful and I cannot ignore it. What am I missing? My knowledge of this is quite cursory, so please try to explain in Layman's terms.

Thanks in advance!


Seriously, I have no life.
I'd think that all hdmi sources going thru the avr and using the avr's lip sync/delay function would yield best results. Not a gamer myself and not an issue in any of my setups....but I don't route hdmi sources thru the tvs....

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