Audio for incorporated TV packages



Junior Audioholic
Excuse me if this is a silly question but at 64 years of age I am an "older guy" and not as tech savvy as most others here.

If a TV is connected to a Home Cinema speaker system, the TV's own speakers have to be disabled, right? Therefore, in order to get audio out of incorporated TV packages like Freeview (not an issue with Sky, of course), Netflix, Amazon Prime etc I guess people usually connect the TV's Optical out to the soundbar. But in the setup I am planning, the soundbar's optical input is needed for another device.

In that setting, if the TV and Soundbar have ARC capability, will the audio signal from such TV incorporated programmes travel back on the HDMI line from the Soundbar to TV to reach the speakers? If not, is there another solution?


Full Audioholic
Yes a sound bar and TV equipped with Arc audio return channel will transmit the TV sourced audio to the sound bar leaving the optical input available for another source component.

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