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Reconnecting Cut Audio Cables

Does anyone out there know if I can easily reconnect the end of an rca cable? I'm having my basement finished and when the drywall guys came in and hung the drywall they somehow cut off the end of one of my cables. I can't prove it was them, otherwise they would be having new ones installed, so I need to figure out a way to reconnect everything.

Can this be done? Do I just need to solder it back together?

Thanks for your help!
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Depends on the connector. Some are crimp type, some are solder type. Screw apart the connector and check it out. If it's solder, use a coax cable stripper and solder it back on.


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With a little careful soldering, you can fix/replace an RCA connector.

While replacing the original one that came with the wire may be difficult, if not impossible*, you can surely replace it with another. If itcomes down to it and you (maybe wisely) don't trust your skills, you might want to hire someone to do it for you. It beats losing or replacing a cable run.

*depending on the manufacturing method.


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As long as you have a fair amount of slack in the cable, you should have no problem at all terminating it with a new RCA end. Radio shack and a host of others will have RCA ends that are solder on. Look at the old connector and take it apart if you can to identify how connections were made.

Even someone who is inexperienced with the process can usually figure this one out without to much difficulty. Two wires, two solders, done.


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MCM electronics has a few tool-less RCA plugs you can use as well. Here's the part numbers:

50-2135: Red marking, silver body

50-2140: black marking, silver body

50-2130: no marking, silver body

They do fit a bit snug on some equipment, so be warned, but they are pretty good plugs, and you can solder them as well if you like. I use these plugs for all my cables.

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