Aperion Audio MKII Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeter

Hi -Fi Haven

Hi -Fi Haven

Audioholic Intern
Price: 649 USD Pair.

PROS: Excellent performance quality.
Works well with other speaker brands.
Excellent build quality.
Easy to setup.
Adjustable crossover and volume.

CONS: None that I have found so far.
I have a pair of the Aperion Audio MKII Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeters connected to my Aperion Audio Verus III Grand V5B bookshelf speakers. I am loving that combo!
Clarity, detail and center imaging are three areas that the Verus III Grand V5B speakers excellent in that I absolutely love. The Aperion Audio MKII Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeters compliment the speakers by enhancing these attributes.
I immediately noticed my front soundstage sounded taller and more defined. Center imaging sounded slightly more holographic. Vocals became slightly more crisp and detailed. The changes I heard were subtle, The super tweeter’s blended (overlapped) with the speakers seamlessly, No that’s the speaker, that’s the super tweeter. The super tweeter’s sound is subtle not bright or harsh.
I connected the Aperion Audio MKII Aluminum Ribbon Super Tweeters to a pair of ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 speakers. I experienced the same spectacular results as with the Aperion Audio speakers. The top end of the of the B6.2 opened up providing an uptake in detail. As with the Aperion Audio speakers the changes in sound that I heard were subtle. The Aperion Audio super tweeters blended perfectly, The combination of the super tweeter and speaker performed as a single unit.

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