Advice on selecting new ceiling speakers



Audioholic Ninja The Revel 763 measure a little better. Crossing over a tweeter to a 6.5 blends better. Being that they will be for surround duties this will be better mid range than an 8 inch driver will provide.
Another contender because of the off axis response of a coaxial driver I see seas have been mentioned prior.
Thank you for all the info!


Junior Audioholic
I had mentioned I used Canton speakers with my 590/530 setup and it’s going well.

would have liked to try those jbl pro series but I think they were a little more than I cared to spend

Anyways, I talked to the folks at accessories4less, they talked me out of getting 8 inch and said I’d see zero difference with 6’s. With Atmos and unmixed Dolby surround I can’t say they were wrong. But it might depend on how big your room is and how you plan to use them. My room is small. But it’s kind of a one time shot so I say go for it and do it right what ever that is for you.

I also looked at the RSL speakers and considered those. But they were out of stock and I was impatiant.

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