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Sometimes is when "We Built This City" comes on and his ears reach their limits.:D


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I'm looking for something I can hook up to the unit I already have. Something with more power to push a few more speakers when I'm listening to music Specifically. I am running some big Klipsch and Polk Audio for home theater. The Yamaha doesn't cut it power wise! With an extra power unit I will be able to control the volume of everything better. I also have other than just the Cerwin Vegas for music specific speakers KLH. Basically what I am trying to get at is we like extremely loud rock the neighborhood Music. That's why purchased those speakers. The quality to cost is unbeatable in my opinion. Thought about leaning toward the DJ equipment thing years ago and decided that was not for me/ sound quality. Would rather invest money into home entertainment. I do host quite a bit of different events on a regular basis. Block parties, Game days, Monthly get together's exc. Really looking for advice on what to go with for now that I can hook up to my Yamaha for more power to really push those bigger speakers. My Yamaha just can't produce the crazy Concert like sound that I'm looking for. I hope this was enough for you to understand what I'm trying to get at?? If you can hear it more than 2 blocks away we're going in the right direction. Thank you for continuing to respond and I hope this was enough enough information to give you an idea of what I'm looking at
Using the right terminology would help be less confusing. You have an avr (audio video receiver) that has pre-outs that can accommodate an external power amp if you need more power. Generally larger speakers actually need less power than smaller speakers, something generally referred to as Hoffman's Iron Law. Large home speakers like you have you can generally put some more power to, but have limits as to just how loud they will get before hitting their limits. Something like a JTR Noesis 215RT would be able to get much louder and more cleanly than your current speakers for example in terms of a speaker intended for home (and they have a pro line you might look at as well). If you want to add a power amp I'd look at pro amps, a Crown XLS 2502 is consumer gear friendly with rca inputs like you have in the way of pre-outs and is reasonably priced compared to consumer amps that tend to cost more for less power/features. In your case better speakers would get you closer to your goals of blasting the neighborhood than just adding an amp to what you have.

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