4k players-Oppo UDP 203 vs ???


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Okay so I have a decision to make. I bought an Oppo 203 to replace my 103 last year at list price when they announced they were shutting down production. It's been in light use since then since I don't use physical media all that much, though it does get some use. I have a handful of DVD-A discs and a single SACD but they're all safely ripped to FLAC so they aren't used in the player anymore. Everything else is UHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD and CD. I appreciate the Oppo's ability to clean up DVDs but again, not all that much usage.

Last year, I listed the player at a pretty high make-me-sell price and someone actually bought it. I'm torn whether to just keep it or use the more-than-adequate funds to buy a new UHD player that will handle my modest disc needs and not look back. Slightly complicating the issue is that I'll need to replace the rack mount face plate or the entire shelf for $75 to $125. Ideas?

Edit: I'm selling it, the price is just too good. I'm replacing it with a Panasonic DP-UB820, which should be all I need as a transport. I'll miss the Oppo but I just wasn't using it as anything other than an occasional transport.
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