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    That's me, over-sensitive. Perhaps you should look up the meaning of the word cavalier, and then there's your "what's the point" comment that really hurt my feelings. [not]

    I didn't ask for your opinion, I passed on some information about a component I found attractive. You volunteered your opinion that implied I should consider a cheap piece-of-junk player, and later that players are unnecessary. Thanks for that. It was life-changing.
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    1.You did invite opinion, that's what a thread starter does. 2. I did not suggest you consider a cheap piece of junk player, that's your misinterpretation; and, 3. today, boxed component players are unnecessary. Stop looking for and starting fights. I'll have to report you. This was a fun thread but you spoiled it all for everyone. And remember, unless a post is directed to you personally what you are going to be reading are thoughts other folks have about the concept in general, that's to say, you are going to get the perspective on it as others see it. That's all, no one here is suggesting you are stupid, cavalier or other as you seem to perceive.
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