Hello all,
I upgraded my main receiver, and now I can't get my second zone (four wired speakers outside) to work.

My main receiver is a Pioneer VX-90. Man is it complicated.
My second receiver, which is designed to power the outside zone (because I can't figure out how else to do it) is an Onkyo TX-sr608.

I have RCA (not HDMI) cables connecting the pioneer to the Onkyo, going from the Sat/Cable analog out on the Pioneer to (currently) the AUX (front) RCA's on the Onkyo.
My main speakers are connected to the Pioneer in a 5.1 setup.
My outside speakers are connected to a speaker selector, and that speaker selector is connected to the Onkyo front speaker connections.
If I turn the Onkyo to, say, FM radio, I hear full sound outside, suggesting that the receiver and speakers work.

I am trying to set it up so that the Pioneer has two zones, one inside, one outside, and outside can "hear" whatever inside is hearing. I'd love to have options, for music outside and TV inside, but that's secondary.

The zone 2 (not HD zone) on the Pioneer is set to the Sat/Cable input.
The sub zone on the Onkyo is set to Aux.

no sound.

Any suggestions?
I was told that I can't use HDMI to connect the two receivers.

I don't mind ditching the speaker selector if it is unnecessary. I don't even mind ditching the Onkyo if I can do it all through Pioneer but I want to be able to make zone two louder since it's outside.

Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated.

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