Yamaha Sound Bar with Virtual DTS:X Promises Convicing Surround Sound for $199



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The new Yamaha YAS-108 sound bar hopes to hit the low-price, high-performance sweet spot at $199. The compact and lightweight YAS-108 uses DTS Virtual:X 3D processing to deliver enveloping sound from any movie or TV soundtrack — no surround speakers or additional subwoofer required. Will the YAS-108 be another best-seller for Yamaha, or will stiff competition from LG, Polk Audio, Vizio, and Sonos thwart Yamaha’s efforts?


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Hey there Gene, thanks for info on the Yamaha YAS 108!

I'm curious (having a lot of trouble figuring out bluetooth freatures specifically)?!!!

Can you connect two seperate Bluetooth earbuds to the soundbar, so that:

️ Two people can listen to the audio output via their Bluetooth earbuds (connected to the soundbar) simultaneously?

️ Use soundbar built-in speaker output >> ✔ so you can either just listen via earbuds, (❔❕ Like for late night listening, where you don't want to disturb others in the household?), ✔✔ or with soundbar speakers AND attached earbuds at the same time, (❔❕ Like if one member of the household is hard of hearing and uses their Bluetooth earbuds to listen, whilst others in the room can still listen via the soundbar speakers?).

If anyone has been able to do this, or can suggest a soundbar with Bluetooth 5.0 capability that can replicate above, I'd be most grateful for your assistance and advice.




I'm in the market for a soundbar for my upstairs TV. This one looks pretty nice, thanks for the consideration.
Surprised to see Yamaha going against the big soundbar players.


To revive an older thread, does anyone happen to know if the keyholes on this device could be used to hang this bar from the bottom of a adjustable wall mounted tv. I would like to use this temporarily on a shelf and then move it not my Wall mounted tv, but I don't see anyway to do this

Looking for a budget sounder with subwoofer out and this seems to fit the bill, but the manual seems indicate it can only be wall mounted. Thanks in advance

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