Yamaha RX-A685 Features



First post, new member who knows very little about home audio.
Considering going with (2) Klipsch RP8000F speakers and maybe a couple Klipsch R120SW subs later on.
Are the dual sub-outs on the 685 receiver remotely/i-phone adjustable for delay and level?
How about front pre-amp outputs? I looked at the back side of the unit online but still not sure about it. Naturally, I want the Yamaha RX-A3080 or 2080 which has these features and more power, but could live with the 685 if it has them. Thanks


Audioholic Ninja
They use same remote app as the upper models. You can access manual speaker setup and adjust delay and level just like with the remote control

The sub preouts are the same signal, just split to 2 outs. So there is a single adjustment affecting both sub outs. (Unlike 2080 and 3080 which have independent adjustments )

I don’t know if the front pre out voltages have been measured by a review. The RXV683 model didn’t have front preouts but 685 does. And in summer 2020 the new models come out that probably are based on an entirely different chassis.

In the recent past, the lower models like RXA660 didn’t have as much voltage on preouts as the upper models like RXA2060 and RXA3060. I’m not sure on RXA1060.

I have a few Yamahas. RXA2060 in my den, RXA770 in my living room, and RXV681 in my bedroom. The changes in the 2018 versions are only slight ones like Airplay2. There were no model changes in 2019.

Like I mentioned, all the models get replaced in summer 2020. That’s when HDMI 2.1 models become available. You can expect the older models to go on sale this fall and Christmas to clear them out of stores.


Clearance sales.... not sure I can wait!
Your answers are exactly what I wanted to know. Reading the manual now. Thanks to you both.

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