Yamaha RX-A2020 delayed audio at power on

William Lemmerhirt

William Lemmerhirt

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I don't think you can guarantee a more powerful amp solely on weight. The DACs are different as well as audio formats.Denon supports quite a few streaming services. The main one they are missing is Qobuz support with Denon apps. But you can get around that issue with other apps like Audirvana.

My questions are how will REW measurements vary? Will Surround:AI offer any notable upgrade? Does the ESS 384kHz/32-bit SABRE PRO premier DAC offer a different sound? How does HEAT compare? How do my speakers react to each receiver? Is there any real value to any of the 24 Yamaha DSP programs offered? If each system is configured with the maximize desired preferences - how do they compare?
Lots of questions. Rew measurements should look the same if comparing direct to direct. Ypao vs audyssey will definitely be different. Ypao sucks. Ime...
Also, for me the 24 sound programs don’t offer anything that I found valuable. Some do, but ymmv. Weight means very little these days, but there’s been countless conversations on it which you might find with a search. In short, it doesn’t matter like it used to.
Imo, while heat is the enemy, I’m not convinced that it’s a be all end all problem. I have an older pioneer in my bedroom that gets hotter than ANY D/M AVR I’ve ever seen and it’s never flinched. I’m sure the engineers have covered that. Surround AI has been covered too, and that seems to be a love it or hate it thing. Again, ymmv.


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LOL brand loyalty is so fleeting....
Loyalty is often about owning certain brands, but it isn't always about owning a certain brand.

We're "loyal" when we are treated well regardless of whether we still own those brands. :D

Even though I would not buy DefTech for myself due to personal preferences, I still consider myself "loyal" to DefTech because I feel that their Customer Support is Second to None. When I owned DefTech speakers and needed any kind of help/assistance/support, they were there for me 100%.

I know many people who are still "loyal" to certain brands even though they no longer own any of those brands. When people are treated well, they will remember that forever - unless someday they are no longer treated well by those brands.

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