Hi, newbie here, looking for snipits of info.

I’m interested in the Yamaha Aventage AVRs and have been trying to find out when the new crop will be released.

Stock of the A6A appears very low and there is currently an offer from Yamaha giving up to £220 cash back on the range until 31 October this year, suggesting they are getting rid of stock in prep for a new model launch.

I know covid, chip shortages etc have all had an impact on new releases of things over the past few years, but Denon appear to have been releasing new models, just wanted to know if anyone had any info on when Yamaha may do likewise? I did ask at a well know AV supplier but just got a ‘no info’ response.

Are there any particular trade shows Y use when releasing new units?

any info gratefully received!


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Maybe @AcuDefTechGuy has some info for ya

Personally I tend to let the newest releases have some time to work out bugs and the price to come down.


@gene did Phil Shea say anything about new avr models behind the curtains as you had the Yamaha VPE hifi event? I fast forwarded the interview and only heard the CX-A5300 question in the end. RX-V was introduced 2020 while having first gen 24gbps hdmi 2.1 connections and current RX-A model leak pictures were posted 1/2020 so i think it´s about time we see something new from Yamaha. Could they be aiming for CES 2024 on January? :confused:

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