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Hey guys, haven’t been on in awhile, actually I think I was last month maybe some time but can’t remember or find who I was talking to. Anyway, I have a 860 and have been playing with having the video processing turned on in the receiver just to see if it’s better than my tv.
Hdmi from receiver to the hdmi port 5 on my vizio m series from 2015. Now when it’s hooked up like that my tv displays that everything is being upscaled to 2160 but the tv screen will flash black for a half second periodacly n then go back to what I’m watching. When I hook hdmi from receiver to port 1 or 2 to tv and have processing on in receiver, the tv will just show 1080.
Any idea why it flashes like that? Am I doing something wrong or missing something? Any thoughts/advice would be great

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