Wow, Amir really likes my speakers !! What a great day !!

John Parks

John Parks

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If I were to go by what Amir does and does not like and buy accordingly, I would end up with (1) Revel speaker... Model does not matter, as long as it is Revel and a single (which is a great cost savings!).


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Just my opinion. Plus the guy already bought the speakers. If he likes them, that's all that should matter.
Thank you cpp....the whole satirical nature of this post comes from the assumption/observation that Amir from Audio Science Review is pretty picky about what he likes and doesn't like.
Even if something measures perfectly, it isn't safe from him. I respect his knowledge, and just use his opinions as another source of information.

In this case the RSL CG25's (which are not just used as centers) have been well praised here on Audioholics and many other review fact, I have yet to hear a bad thing about RSL speakers anywhere.
Better yet, when I bought mine I got them for around 325 each when RSL discontinued white cabinets.
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