Woke culture: you can't have anything nice or have any fun



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This is why I find Fox & Friends to be so bad. They'll say, Woke is taking over our schools, without giving you specific examples. Then the woman says, Someone told me they didn't ask for her ID when she voted. Like "1" example. Like no live interview examples of voters coming out of the building. Could be happening, but they sure as hell are not doing much to convince me.

In general I think news is subpar, but then add in they don't have a background in journalism and it becomes amateurish.
Fox's version of the Three Stooges


This is getting out of hand these people are a wet towel on everything.

Sara Stewart from a cnn op ed:

"People magazine recently announced this year’s Sexiest Man Alive, which makes it a great time to ask: Can we get rid of the whole tradition of People’s Sexiest Man Alive?

The annual cover is a lightweight honorific that worked its way into the public consciousness as way more legitimate than it actually is. Kind of like winning a Golden Globe.

Think about the inherent ridiculousness of declaring anyone the sexiest person alive. Sexiness, by its very nature, is subjective. So it’s a winky joke that People offers up its own tastes as if they are everyone’s. And by making their subject male, they’re tacitly saying: See, we’re not objectifying women, we’re so evolved. Men can be objects of lust too! Maybe that was (arguably) a subversive statement in the 1980s, when Playboy, Penthouse and other magazines imposed a misogynist ideal of sexiness at the newsstands. But now? Not so much. "

Just want to give you the middle finger Sara.



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