Will my BMRs sound better... What kind



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I meant your gear signature; actually I am not sure if "flair" is common message-board parlance. I read it once and it stuck.
Upon rereading my post above, my initial question to you might accidentally have come off as a bit flip, btw...not intended!
I lust for the Phil3's as well, though I think my space isn't right for them just now.

Have you used your Hsu ULS-15 MK2 with the BMRs? Do you like the combination, and is there anything to know about integrating those speakers? I am thinking about getting that Hsu.
I have used the HSU with the BMRs. When I first got em I moved around the entire room. I had the BMRs about 7/8ft apart and 3 feet off the wall with the HSU smack dab in the middle. Re-ran the room correction. It was fu*king awesome. The sound was magic. I'd image that's what a >4k pair of speakers would sounds like. I really felt the bass but it wasn't sloppy bass it that makes sense. To answer your question I think it is great pair between the BMRs and the MK2.


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HK watts ...

:D *wondering if PENG is triggered* :D

I really like those Marantz monoblocks MA500 and MA700 from the used market. Per pair they're ~ $200 and $400 and they outclass most mid level rec'rs. 4 Ohm stable ... small form factor ...

I'd sell you mine if I hadn't read all these posts by ADTG talking about external amps.

Maybe in a few weeks, after I return to my senses. ;)
Alex2507, lol, ADTG, lol HK Watts uhu? Nice. Lol.


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