Which one? JBL Clip 3 or Flip 3. Looking for good clarity

Bluetooth Speaker with good clarity

  • JBL Clip 3

  • JBL Flip 3 Stealth

  • JBL Go 2

  • Sony XB 10

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I would like to buy JBL clip 3 or Flip 3 stealth edition.
Will be using it mostly indoors and looking for one that has good clarity and smoothness.
If not from the above suggest something around this budget like JBL Go 2 or Sony XB 10


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Of your list, I am only familiar with the Flip.
I can say that it does have very good sound for what it costs.
Looking at the Clip, it has a 40mm driver (the Flip has 2ea 40mm drivers) the Clip has 3.3 Watts and the Flip has 2 X 8 Watts. Obviously there is a significant difference and you will pay for it. Personally, I think paying twice as much for the Flip is reasonable unless you plan to only play these for personal use at low levels.
However, the main reason I wanted to post was because the JBL Xtreme is a hell of a great portable speaker and you can get a refurbbed one (in Black or Blue) with a $10 NewEgg gift card for $130:
Understand that while this looks a lot like the Flip, it is much, much bigger and has 63mm woofers with 35mm tweeters. It is the same diameter as a CD!
It has a 10,000mAh battery and dual ports so you can keep your phone charged.

Then there is the JBL Charge which is only slightly larger than the Flip and add charging like the Xtreme.
It has 2 ea. 50mm drivers and 10 watts X 2. This is my go to for air travel, as it does not take up too much luggage space and I like having the ability to charge my phone from it if needed (if a flight gets delayed, for example). Of course I use ear buds while travelling, but for my room, I want to have something like this!

So a lot depends on how you use it, but I am a fan of the JBL's. I am not familiar with the Sony product you listed, but it has been my general experience that Sony gets a little more bass out of their equivalent product, but the sound is not as clear as JBL.

Last I should mention that all three, the Flip, Charge, and Xtreme have the passive radiators at the cylinder ends. I'm not sure they do anything especially impressive for the sound, but they add a decisive cool factor to these products (especially the Xtreme)!

Good luck!
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This is an old post, but wanted to weigh in.

I use them outdoors. I have a couple Flips and a Charge.

For outdoor use, I like them. They’re louder, and the bass is better than most.

Both will fit into a bicycle bottle cage, and you can sync multiple units together, great for group bike rides. Everyone can have one on their bike, everyone can hear, but you don’t have to crank it so loud that you can’t talk to each other.

Bringing them indoors, however, they’re disappointing. At low volumes, they’re fine, nothing spectacular. At higher volumes, they’re very boomy.

Perfect for biking, backyard bbqs, etc. Okay for moderate volumes indoors, not great above that.

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