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<font color='#000000'>I have a Yamahao RX-V800 A/V receiver and had been running a pair of big floorstanding DCMs with it. &nbsp;The sound was warm and LOUD...but not too clear...I still liked it OK though. &nbsp;Because of space limits in new living room, I recently purchased a pair of Polk RTi70s...reviews were pretty good and they sounded good in the store. &nbsp;However, at home they don't sound right!! &nbsp;I think the Yamaha receiver and the speakers are both noted as being bright. &nbsp;Was that a bad combo? &nbsp;The highs are crystal clear..but grate on my nerves. &nbsp;The base is good as well. &nbsp;But the midrange is lacking and sounds contained in the speaker as opposed to out in the room. &nbsp;Any suggestions? &nbsp;Different speakers, different placement, receiver settings? &nbsp;Thanks &nbsp;
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<font color='#0000FF'>Yamaha tunes their sound to be flat although their receivers tend to be slightly on the bright side compared to their seperate amps but they all need flat response speakers preferably with silk dome tweeters.

Magnepans go very well, so do Canton and Yamaha's own NS-200/200 and NS-HX series speakers. B&amp;W too compliment Yamaha sound very well.</font>

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