What is a video Processor?



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I can't seem to get my head around something. My friend who works for B&0 has a TV with the best picture I have ever seen. I think it is worth about 13,000 and is a 32" widescreen CRT.

He says the reason the picture is so good is because of the processor in the TV. I think it must be something in the TV because the DVD player he is using right now is a cheap Panasonic.

Here is what I want to understand. If your TV doesn't have the best processor can you make up for it (or come close) by having a good processor in a DVD player? Is the processor like the Faroudja (in denon 2910) even the same thing?

How can he get a GREAT picture on his TV if the source (a crappy panasonic) isnt great to begin with...I always thought source was key.

BTW-The reason I bought my Panasonic Plasma was becuase het old me that Panasonic makes the B&O Plasma.


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So what's the real question you're asking?

Do you want to know about video processing, or do you want to know why his CRT looks so good?

As far as the easy question of your thread title, a video processor can be just about anything that modifies a video signal. In the context of home theater, we're usually talking about something that does deinterlacing and/or upscaling.

For the second, it could be any combination a number of reasons: good processing, good quality CRT, good calibration. Maybe if you could quantify what it is that you like so much about the picture (contrast, resolution, motion, color fidelity, etc...) and to what system(s) you're comparing it (other CRT, plasma, DLP, RP, etc...) we could all try to figure out what B&O is doing to make it so good.

(Personally I have always been very impressed with their displays, but have never really studied them closely to determine why.)


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I would say that are two things that impress me most about his CRT. The first is the motion...there is absolutely no motion blur on his CRT. The second is his black levels, but I have come to grips that I will never be able to achieve really good black levels with my Plasma. Its Panasonic 42" HDTV Plasma (TH-42PX20). Is there anyway to reduce or eliminate motion blur? is that a problem with something internal in my plasma?

If I bought a somthing like a DVDO would that help with motion blur?


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