what are you drinking right now ?



Audioholic Ninja
Nice, gentlemen.

I'm trying to cut back on Imbibing... Beer... and the lady, knowing full well this was proscribed by her own terms... brought home a bottle of bubbles. *shrugs

I looked at my rye and Cointreau and said, "Oh, Yeah!"

I got maybe 7oz of the bubbles... 'cos I wasn't "fast enough." *blushes. I went out, got a second bottle of bubbles... she got a glass... the rest was all me! :eek: :oops::cool:

In a flute...
1 oz bourbon (I like Rye)
1/2 oz Cointreau
7 dashes Angostura
7 dashes Peychaud's
Fill with good quality Sparkles, about 5 oz. Brut preferred. (if it's less than $25/btl, you shouldn't be drinking it!)
Twist of Orange

And for the time being, I'm on to this:

And soon some Battlestar G, season 1.

So grateful to be here... home, safe... knowing and respecting that it can change in a heartbeat!

Rock on, my friends!



Audioholic Samurai
The Blood of Dracula! Watch out!

That is one of the best Dracula films with Sir Christopher Lee!


Audioholic Samurai
Not bad at all at least a wild card unless they can catch the 49ers. My Steelers despite winning today have a tough road:(
Time to get to work. 49ers is a challenge but it’s time to step up! :)


Audioholic Chief

This usually costs around $25 but today it was FREE, due to grocery store scanner malfunction, or store clerk malfunction! (clerk was distracted by co-worker with problem on another register) ;)


Audioholic Chief
I've seen Campari for years but not sure how you use it....what drinks do you make with it?
It can be used as a mixer, on the back label is a recipe for a drink called Negroni; mixed with gin and vermouth. I like Campari straight in small glass, can also be enjoyed on the rocks with OJ. There are books available with other recipes.

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