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I highly recommend https://vinylvac.net/ . It is super cost-effective and it does a really fine job. He has detailed step-by-step instructions and where to get the parts to build the system, including part numbers if you shop at Menards. I have a small shop vac that I only use for this purpose. Then of course he has videos on using it as well. You only have to use the Vinyl Vac on your records once, after that, just a carbon fiber brush. At least that's what I do. I do not pinch the edge of my records when removing them from the dust sleeve. The grooves never, ever get touched. I clean all my LP's when they come into my collection, new or used. Yes, new also.
Here is a link to a helpful PDF from his website on the parts needed to build the system: https://vinylvac.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/how_to_build_a_complete_record_cleaning_system_for_under__100.pdf


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I've worked a career as a lab biochemist. I'm quite certain that distilled water isn't necessary to clean finger print residue from record groves. The ultrasonic cleaner and detergents do all the work. As long as you can find cheap distilled water easily, it isn't worth debating.

I'd also try skipping the 20% isopropyl alcohol, just to see if that works. If you have especially dirty records, it might help with rinsing out the detergent/finger print debris mix, but I'd give it a try to see what happens. Isopropyl alcohol may also be an unneeded component.
It's not about distilled water being needed to clean, it's about being clear of contaminates that could end up back on the records.


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I use two Spin-Cleans and Tergitol diluted in distilled water. I did extensive testing between that washing method and the Degritter Mark II ultrasonic record cleaner and discovered that the dual Spin Clean method at least equals that of the $3500 ultrasonic cleaner for under $200. One Spin Clean with Tergitol in the wash and the second Spin Clean with clean distilled water to rinse with is unbeatable after testing several expensive machines over the past year and half. I posted a review video comparing the results on my channel with audio samples and captures to back it up. Dual Spin Clean wash vs Degritter Ultrasonic Mark II Ultrasonic Cleaner.

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