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Hello all,
I have a pair of Velodyne DD 10 Plus subwoofers. I took home a pair of JL Audio Fathom 110 V2 to compare to see if they where a better performing subwoofer pair vs my Velodynes. They seem super similar and perform almost exactly the same.
Both are super quick start and stop times are super fast. You can't tell they are working unless you walk over to them. The bass comes from the room and really blends in with the system. I have a Definitive Technology Mythos 5.2.2 system.
I'm curious about other brands and how any other brands would stack up in performance only. I don't care about price as the Velodynes were $3k each back in the day and the Jl's are around the same just a tad more.
Is there any other brand that can perform like these 2 or am I topped out? 10 inch drivers digging down to 20 hz strong and then falling off slowly is how they perform in my room. Sheer output is impressive and super even after a proper setup and calibration.
I looked over SVS which seems to be the most popular subwoofer online and don't cost anywhere near what JL and Velodyne does. I don't really see a direct competitor there.

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William Lemmerhirt

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Well how big is the room? And how much use is music vs movies?
Ime, 10” subs, and sealed subs haven’t impressed me ever. In a small room like a den or bedroom, either can be effective. But something like my main listening room that’s very large AND a concrete slab, they just aren’t effective.
FWIW, I have experience with JL and their drivers as a friend of mine owns two car audio stores here. The drivers are impressive, but as far as complete subs, they just don’t work in my room. It’s too big.
For direct competition, on paper there are many that will be similar, and in many metrics outperform the velo and the JL. Especially in movie performance. Those little 10’s might go down to 20hz but with much less output than even a well built 12” ported sub. Without yet doing a deep dive, I’d say the SVS SB2k will be very close, and the sb3k will beat the JL and Velo in every metric. FWIW, fast doesn’t apply. Either the driver can move at a given HZ or it can’t. Tightness and speed are a function of integration with the system as a whole. has an extensive library of tested subwoofers. I will go peek(you should too) and see what they’ve found(if they have tested them even). Another thing is that JL and velodyne have never struck me as value oriented. While you do usually get a fine product, much of the premium cost is in nicer finishes, and brand recognition.

Edit: ok so on a quick search the SVS sb12nsd has more output at 20hz which was 91db and actually measured 87db at 16hz. The JL didn’t have a measurement until 20hz and that was 89db. Iirc somewhere around 30hz the JL produced more spl but I believe that was due to SVS using a more aggressive limiter. The only velodynes on the site were much larger.
Edit2: according to S&V FR measurements, the SB2k has a better curve and a wider bandwidth. That means deeper extension, and the ability to integrate with smaller main speakers. FWIW I’m not taking sides on this as the JL is a very nice subwoofer. The point is that for overall value, you can do better. Especially for the money. If you’re interested in spending that kind of money, I’d surely be looking at 15” or 18” ID brands that the other two just can’t match for value. Or even four SB3K’s. THAT would be fun...But pb’s would be better
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