Using Bluetooth speaker lightbulb with pc speakers

JR Barker

JR Barker

This is my first post. I’ve searched the forum and couldn’t find an answer. I doubt this will be a duplicate thread.

Ok here we go. I have a Sengled Pulse Bluetooth speaker/lightbulb that has a Master and a Satellite (C1-BR30). For the purpose of the question, we’ll talk only about the Master. The screw base is damaged so I decided to take it apart and see what’s going on inside. This has led me to a little DIY project.

My goal, dumbed down, is to remove the speaker from the Sengled Pulse Bluetooth speaker/light bulb and use those speaker wires to go to a different speaker, such as pc speakers. However, there isn’t enough power from the little Sengled Pulse to drive a larger speaker. Therefore, I’d have to go through the other systems amplifier. Essentially taking what would be wires going to a speaker and using that signal to connect to, for example, a 3.5mm pc speaker cable that would normally plug into a phone, MP3 player, etc.

Does that makes sense? What are my options? What are other possibilities?

Basically, this would allow me to build a nice enclosure and combine the Bluetooth audio and lighting capabilities of the Sengled Pulse with the power and sound quality of different speakers. The applications would be limitless. I could take apart an Alexa, Google, or HomeKit device and use its smart technology for whatever type of application I’d like

I have a background in electrical but I know nothing about amplification, speaker systems, and types of signals and so on.

Thanks in advance!!

TMI: As an example, I turned my 3 speed box fan into an Apple HomeKit enabled smart fan buy taking apart three separate smart wall outlets, making a neat little enclosure, mounting the enclosure inside the corner of the box fan housing, interlocked the 3 “outlets” so they cannot energize at the same time, added circuit protection, and wired them to fan speeds 1, 2, and 3. Now it’s time to mess around with audio!

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