At work I have a new-ish MacBook Pro with USB-C slots (and a headphone port). Because I'm lazy (and would like better sound quality if I can get it), I'm looking to get a desktop DAC/AMP - preferably one that can be connected via USB (C or A preferred), so that I don't have to unplug/plug in my headphones any time I move my computer.

Does anyone have a suggestion of one - specifically that will also give me volume control via knob/dial on said piece of equipment? Right now, the Mac sees the device that my headphones are currently plugged in to as just a dumb device, so I can't control the volume from it - and I have very limited volume control with the other device as well.


Audioholic Overlord
Macs have typically excellent DACs. You will likely need new headphones. Another possibility that mac 3.5mm doesn't have enough power to drive your phones in which case you need a bit more serious headphone amp.


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I would be looking at O2DAC or O2SDAC. O2DAC used to be best money can get but I have heard that O2SDAC is really competitive with budget price option.

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