Sorry for your troubles, do i understand you correctly that it was not shipped in it's original carton with original packing materials ?
This was actually issues while trying to get a warranty repair. I bought the receiver at the end of May last year and had an issue with the left surround channel. When I shipped it in for warranty repairs everything was going well until they went to ship it back to me. Since then it has been a mess with UPS and damage supposedly caused in shipping.

Basically history:
02/23 I shipped it to United Radio for the initial repair of the left channel, 03/08 it was shipped from United and was lost in transit and finally returned to United Radio on 03/25, United then shipped it to me and I received it damaged on 03/30 and then had to ship it back to them for repairs again, I finally received the receiver back on 04/21 but still has minor cosmetic damage (bent leg) that wasn't there when I shipped it in the first place.

Just working out compensation at this point since I don't want to send it back in again to have the leg fixed and risk more issues with shipping and more time without my receiver.

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