Upgrading my Cloud 2s for a max of $230 debating between HD58x and AD700X. Usage is 50% gaming and 50% music. No Amp at least for now



I’m looking to upgrade my Cloud 2s and have been debating between the AD700X or the 58X. I would greatly appreciate some feedback dude because I don’t want to regret dropping $200 on headphones. My listening habits are 50% music a bit of everything some heavy metal/pop/rap/indie large mix of genres / 50% competitive games e.g Tarkov, CSGO, Rainbow six siege and other single-player games witcher 3 gods of war and will likely be buying Hogwarts legacy At least for right now won't be buying an amp but in the future, it is quite possible that I will upgrade my setup

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I would pick the Sennheiser HD58X as they should offer neutral and accurate sound. Haven't heard that specific model personally, but I have heard many Sennheiser models and they are really good for the value.

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