Upgrade speakers vs adding a sub

William Lemmerhirt

William Lemmerhirt

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Does anyone recognize this?

The number he listed doesn't appear to match anything so I'm wondering if it's maybe a Klipsch that he typoed?

Cheap and local, but is it just a boomy crap-box?
I’m sure it is just a fart box, but for 20 bucks it might be good enough for a garage system, or den or a study or something.


Ordered the Dayton 1200 because I figured I'm a journey kind of guy anyways. If I end up selling it later - that's just part of the experience.


Seriously, I have no life.
Ordered the Dayton 1200 because I figured I'm a journey kind of guy anyways. If I end up selling it later - that's just part of the experience.
There's also something to be said for not bothering with the journey and just going for the biggest baddest sub you can get and then start saving for another :) The experience may be enlightening, tho if I did it over again I'd just start with the biggest/baddest.

Paul DS

Anyone here have any experience with Dayton Audio subs? The 12 inch goes for 148 rated down to 25 Hz but the 10 goes for 119 rated down to 30Hz. Looks like a good fit for a small listening area.
I have a pair of them and find them to be excellent in every way.

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I am a big proponent of truly upgrading if you're going to take the plunge. What that means is when you step from one generation of equipment to the next its a real, audible, "oh wow", upgrade. No doubt about it you upgraded.
Far too many posters come here and complain about their latest purchase because it really isn't any better than what they had, or, it has some new side effect they also don't care fore.

So, to truly upgrade your system you need to understand what it is you don't like or find a shortfall in your current system. "Not exactly unhappy" with your current system leaves you wide open for disappointment if you just spend a few hundred bucks on "something else". What will most likely happen is you will once again be "not exactly happy" either.

Some critical listening is in order. What is it you don't like, or , would like your system to do better? Find the shortcoming and know what it is. Then you can pursue new stuff that truly tops it. And truly topping an existing system can cost a lot more than you might guess. But when you're done, you've gone a real upgrade.

There is no lack of opinion here on the AH. We will spend all the money you have and them some. No sweat.
But, knowing what you're trying to fix is pretty key. Then finding out if your new ideas are truly "better" is the next step.
Good post..Obviously everything is dictating by from whence you come as far as speakers go, but you're right. With speakers, especially under $1500 a pr. it's pretty easy to go lateral.

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