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Universal Remote Control, Inc finally released the embargo on its new wireless, dual-use KP-900 Wireless Keypad which will be debuting at this Spring’s EHX (Electronic House Expo) in Orlando in March. We were given a super-secret private introduction to the product back in January at the 2008 CES and felt that this has the potential to be one of the hottest custom install products to hit the market in a long time. The KP-900 is a RF/IR wireless keypad remote that controls all audio and video equipment in a home. It can be mounted on a wall AND used as a handheld remote, making it ideal for retrofitting into homes with existing entertainment systems, as well as for new homes.

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Being a little new to the game (been researching HT for about 6 months now) I feel as though I have a firm grasp on the things I need to know to invest in a system that I will be more than happy with thanks in large part to this website. I was tired of reading customer reviews, ppl talking about things they knew little to nothing about, but this site gave me what I needed, the why behind the what. Now to bring this post back on topic.

Universal remotes were low on my list to research, as I started with displays, then loudspeakers, then source components, then speakerwire/interconnects, now I am looking into remotes.

In the first impression section of the article, it is mentioned how cool this thing would be, however, at first glance, to me, it seems as though it may be far less impressive than the TX-1000 Mediu reviewed recently, which I was impressed by.

Thus my question, what advantages, if any, does this product appear to have over a product like the TX-1000 Medius? The price is about the same, and it doesn't appear to me, to have any additional functionality, and it is minus the huge LCD screen. So... please help educate a universal remote n00b such as myself. I would also like to know what arguments would be had for this product, as well as the TX-1000 over a much less expensive Logitech Harmony remote? Aside from the fact that these larger remotes are wicked cool looking.

Thanks in advance.:D


control and intergration seperates most units. the ability to use serial is on higher end units, as well as ir, which gives a lot of flexiabilty for a single brain for home automation. While some mid and low level remotes give you the ability to control things like lighting, higher gives more specific control. Sercurity systems,light, garage doors, sprinklers, ect... aside from your av gear.

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