Unfinished basement... Help with sound!


cameron paterson

Audioholic Chief
So I am moving into a house with an unfinished basement. It has the white plastic over the insulation. I will cover the ceiling and walls of the room with triple black velvet and put black carpet down. Now would the insulation ruin the sound or how would it effect the sound? Would the insulation soak up all the bass? What would it do to the mids and highs as well? I am really wondering about all this. What would happen if one of the subwoofers was put in a corner where there is insulation? What if I left behind the couch just cement, no carpet, and point my DIY subwoofers downwards towards the cement? Then the bass would be louder off of the cement right? I know its a lot of questions! I hope you guys understood all of it! Thanks for your time guys!


You need wall to wall carpeting to dampen the room. Insulation should not affect the FR too much.

However, I would think long and hard about velvet on all the walls which will make the room dead sounding and you need some reflections for ambience retrieval and a sense of depth and width.


BTW, use Z track if you are putting up sheet rock as it will reduce sound leakage into the rest of your house. How do I know? BTDT.

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