<font color='#000000'>I have a couple of questions regarding my new system.

First, is it safe to connect the same source (my cable box) to the receiver with two audio options (digital audio and standard RCA)? &nbsp;The reason I ask is that I notice if I connect the digital cable, some stations do come in as 5.1, but others produce no sound at all; if I use the RCA jacks, I get no dolby digital information. &nbsp;I hooked both up, and it worked as I hoped. &nbsp;The stations which have digital encoding were recognized as 5.1, and the others were treated as ProLogic.

But is this safe to do? &nbsp;I disconnected the digital cable until I can make sure it's safe to have two audio connections for the same source.

Other question is regarding the speakers. &nbsp;I want to experiment with my sub's location and phase - can I switch the phase with the sub on, or should I turn it off when switching phase?

<font color='#000080'>This is absolutely safe and is, in fact, the correct way to connect a digital cable box to your receiver. There is no danger in hooking up multiple inputs to your receiver.

So-called &quot;digital&quot; cable is really only digital at the higher channels, so the only way to get sound is to connect both the analogue and digital outputs. As for 5.1 - good luck. Dolby Digital is able to be sent over digital cable, but it will mostly appear on select modern program material only, and even then it is random at best. I ordered a new release movie from On-Demand and it came in sparkling PCM digital stereo... If it wasn't free via a TWC promotion I would have refused payment for it (it was listed as DD in the description).</font>


<font color='#000000'>Thanks for the prompt, clear response!</font>

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