Trying to Hear Sound through My Old TV’s Soundbar via a Receiver.



My question concerns the following setup:

—Denon AVR-1912 Receiver
—Pioneer PDP-5070HD Plasma Television

I just moved my old AV setup to another room, minus the 5.1 surround speakers. I now would like to use the soundbar that is attached to the TV (it came with the TV but is attached as a separate unit). I also prefer to continue to use my receiver as opposed to connecting the other devices to the ports on the TV.

But, I can’t figure out how to connect the soundbar to the receiver. The TV’s picture displays just fine, connected via HDMI to the receiver. But there is no sound. And I can’t find a port on the receiver that would seem to accept a sound connection from the TV.

What do I need to do to hear sound from the TV’s soundbar? Is that even possible through the receiver?


Audioholic Spartan
No, not really. A soundbar is not designed to be connected to anything but the optical or ARC/eARC ports of a TV. What is the model of soundbar?


Full Audioholic
You can't connect a soundbar to a receiver. They are two different systems and av receiver is the superior one. It was a mistake to move the system to another room without the speakers

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