Tricky speaker set up



Ok, so I have a Sony Bluetooth speaker that also has LR inputs and outputs it’s called a GTK-XB90. I want to try to connect this to my sound bar that has an audio input and output via aux. lastly I have 2 rokit 10’s. I want to connect all of these and turn it into surround sound for mixing, and tv. I already have an amp. Is this possible to connect all of these? If so What wires would I need to connect all of these?


Audioholic Field Marshall
What you do you hope to get by connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a soundbar? Are you trying to get sound from both of them simultaneously? Because that’s about all you’ll accomplish. But if that’s the goal – yes, the Sony’s RCA outputs can connect to an AUX input on the soundbar.

As far as the wireless surround sound, that would only work if the soundbar came with its own wireless surround sound speakers. Wireless systems like this never permit using the speakers of your choice.

Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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