Full Audioholic
Not sure where to put this question. I recently purchased a nice treadmill to continue workouts with the world shut down. The treadmill has a large screen for streaming trainer led runs etc. It also has two 3" speakers (not built into the screen but in an area below that is likely accessible). What it does not have is any way to output audio to headphones. It has a 3.5 mm connection and a bluetooth receiver but both can only be used to input audio for use with the built in speakers.

I often run early in the morning and to listen to the trainer dialogue over the din of the treadmill operation requires a volume level that wakes up my family. I was wondering if anyone had any simple ideas for installing some form of an audio out connection. If I can access the speakers could I somehow wire a bluetooth transmitter my earbuds could connect to? If not bluetooth, perhaps another 3.5mm jack? Ideally I'd like the option of using the headphone output or the speakers. Maybe this is a really dumb question/idea.

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