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I want to get the new Samsung Atmos soundbar but it would have to sit on top of my fireplace mantle..... I wish I had another option for my living room but that’s the way they’re building houses nowadays. My question is would it be too high for atmos to work properly sitting on top of the mantle? My living room is a fairly small one at 15x11’ but the ceiling is flat I wouldn’t want to waste money on something I couldn’t take advantage of.....

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I don't think that will work. Looks like that soundbar needs a certain upward angle for the Atmos effect to occur, and it is assuming a certain position with respect to the listening position. If you do get it, try to position it so it is aimed at the listening position head level.


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If you're truly stuck with that location, then I say skip that bar. That is unless you're willing to get one of those drop down TV mounts so you can swing down the TV (and presumably the sound bar with it). That might work.

I absolutely loathe high up TVs over fire places, but if there are literally no alternative places you can put the TV or can't do a pivoting mantel mount, then you might be better off with either discrete speakers if you want to pull of Atmos, or just skip Atmos for this application and mount a more traditional sound bar so it angles down toward your ears.


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I got my sister & her husband a really nice, affordable drop-down (& swivel!) mount from Monoprice for about $120. It holds his old and overly-heavy Samsung 42" plasma screen, and I have attached their Bluesound Pulse Soundbar to the bottom of it. I had to lag it to the brick fireplace, but they were OK with that because it's just a decorative one and may not be there in a year or two.

The assembly works fantastic, and it's even cheaper now.

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