THX Onyx, a USB DAC/Amp Based on THX's AAA Amp Tech

Wayde Robson

Wayde Robson

Audioholics Anchorman
THX made its first foray into actually making consumer electronics of its own with Onyx, a portable USB DAC/Amp. Its first release is not surprisingly based on its own AAA amplifier technology that it's been licensing to other companies. It's a surprisingly neutral-sounding and spacious DAC/Amp for something not much bigger than a USB thumb drive. It also features MQA rendering through its ESS Saber DAC, making it possibly the most affordable MQA DAC available. Retailing at only $200, with specs designed to top the most popular competition for $100-less than the reigning kind of its product category, THX seems to have a winner on its hands.

But the really interesting part of this release is that THX has finally done it, putting its name on its own products. This is something we may have been expecting since the brand was purchased by Razer back in 2016. I have to wonder though, since THX is getting into manufacturing equipment, will that change how people view its certification standards?

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THX Launches Onyx, Portable MQA-DAC/AAA-Headphone Amp


Speaker of the House
Very nice review, Wayde. Audio Science Review recently did measurements of these, and that nicely compliments your review which does more to explain their features and usability to regular users. These really look like the portable headphone amp/DAC to have right now.

Jm Want

An enjoyable and informative read. Sounds like a very capable usb dac-amp,I wish it had removable connector cables. Now torn between this and Lotoo paw S1


Seems to be a well designed device. I don't think it's competitively priced though. There are plenty of dongles with similar performance for half the price. Perhaps if they left out the MQA technology they could have dropped the price.

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