Thoughts on finishing a basement and leaving every X 16 on center open with acoustic material...



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Perhaps a good compromise is to use drywall, but install it on single leg r-channel that somewhat decouples it from the studs. That way it has just a little give from high sub bass pressures, yet still gives an adequate reflective surface. I used to have to install this for damping ceilings from dwelling noise above like in apartment buildings etc.


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I'm putting together a budget for finishing a basement space and was thinking about floor to ceiling 1st reflection wall mount. What if I just fill in the 16" on center wall cavity with Acoustic batting and then trim around with moulding and with a AT transparent fabric making it wall flush?

Just looking for creative thoughts.
Look at the local building code- in an inhabited space, some insulation must be covered, to prevent inhalation of fibers and fiberglass batts are one of these, rigid or otherwise.


Going to go the traditional route. It was just a thought that popped into existence while I was mulling over options.

Thanks every1.

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