The Official _/Unofficial/_ AH Drinking Game!



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Drink anytime someone mentions they have anything from Pyle and want help to make it sound good


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I've been joking about this for far, far too long. It started up as an idea in my head after AH was inundated with people buying lower-tier B&W Speakers and coming on the Forum to find out why they sounded like @$$ once they set them up in their home. :) After that, there were... other topics of interest that lend themselves quite well to this concept. :D

Please note that this is most certainly completely unsanctioned and we must all remember to maintain control and responsibility.

NOT! :p

But seriously... don't do anything stupid. I am not responsible for your actions. If you choose to use this for evil, the karmic weight of your decision will be yours alone to bear. K? Good. :)

And now... without further ado:

The Official Unofficial Audioholics Drinking Game!
Drink every time somebody mentions the Built-In Subs in their Def Tech Speakers.​
Drink every time somebody posts about their 600 or 700 Series B&W Speakers sounding like @$$.​
Drink every time somebody posts about putting their gear in a Cubby/Built-in/ Entertainment Center... OR wants/has to put their system over and around a Fireplace.​
Drink twice if they blew up some of their gear because of it.​
Take a drink for any thread about Expensive Cables (costing more than standard fare from BJC).​
Drink twice if the poster doubles down on the amazing SQ improvements they heard.​
Take a shot every time the Russel Cable article is linked.​
Take a drink for every Bi-Amp or Bi-Wire thread.​
Take a drink every time someone recommends a brand that wasn’t included in the original poll.​
Take 2 drinks every time someone comments that this 10 yr old thread is outdated.​
Take 3 drinks for the suggestion that the thread be closed.​
Thread Specific: ANY REVIEW THREAD​
Take a drink for any review met with derision.​
Do a Shot PLUS a Drink for any comments questioning the value proposition. ... boilermakers, depth charges and sake bombs all count.​
Take 3 shots for any post suggesting that you can DIY a better solution. ...Two to the chest, one to the dome style!​
Take a drink for every review thread started without the linked review being LIVE.​
Do a Shot for any Steam Vent Thread Locked on the first page.​
Take a drink for every post a Subwoofer Buyer can't decide between Subs.​
Do a shot every time somebody claims Sealed Subs are better for Music, or just for any topic about which Sub is better for HT or Movies.​
Drink every time there is a thread about whether an Amp will make their Speakers sound better.​
Take a shot every time the SPL Calculator is linked.​

greatest game idea ev-er....


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Have multiple drinks while placing JBL atmos speakers on wall. :p


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This isn't fair because I have to take a shot just to look at the internet in general. After being admitted to the hospital, i decided to cut back on the drinking all together whenever someone calls their TV and soundbar a home theater.

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