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I was watching common “mistakes when setting up home theater” by audioholics and I have to say Gene is Funny!

He talked about someone have all their speakers in the ceiling meaning mains, centre, and surrounds. Called it the voice of GOD all around you!
Then the video shows a 6000 cf room with 2 small 4 inch speakers an stands for mains
After that the next room had 2 centre channels, one above the screen and the other below. With a chuckle he said don’t do it that’s just GHETTO
I almost choked on my stir fry 3 times while laughing that’s awesome .
Anyways check out the video on YouTube for a laugh and if you know of any other funny moments with Gene and Hugo share the clip!
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Yep, Gene and Hugo do have their moments, plus the rest of the Staff can be out right funny at time's. It's why Gene's website is know for their really good reviews, testing of gear with proof to back it up. So it is refreshing to see the guys cut up like that. On the Forum the old timers have their moments also, it's good to mix it up with humor. Especially when the oldtimers disagree with each other can be outright funny.

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