TCL Roku TV Out May 1st



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The TVs will come in 55 inches and 65 inches.

The 6-Series is a premium line, which features Dolby Vision and an attractive brushed metal design. The displays will also come with a Roku TV voice remote, three HDMI ports, 802.11ac WiFi and Ethernet. TCL has put extra effort into improving the picture quality for this line, with HDR Pro Gamma and Contrast Control Zone technology. The 6-Series will have better control over backlighting than the P-Series, which means deeper blacks, even when another part of the image is bright.


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Interesting. TCL’s TVs always seem to review well and provide excellent bang-for-buck. However, they’ve only been competing in the lower end market up until now. I wonder if they will turn many heads of mid-high-end buyers. I might’ve considered them last year when I made my Vizio M-series purchase, although I was specifically after a 75” set.


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i have the 55 tcl roku p series
$600 plus tax at best buy
have had it for about a year.

some dvds and blurays have a lot of grain. especially dvds that are 2 or so years old.
not sure if its some setting im missing or it just doesnt do a good job upscaling. or dvds that far back just dont do good with new 4k tvs.
i think i used rtings settings.

4k videos on youtube and newer recent blurays do look good.

i was thinking about getting the new tcl 65 when it comes out (depending on the price) or the sony 65x900e.
but if im correct and the upscaling is not good on the tcl, and they didnt improve that with the new series.
ill get the sony

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I'm really interested in this tv. I actually bought the 2017 version. The colors were amazing, as long as it is calibrated and staring directly ahead.

The only issue I had, which is why I gave it away to family, is the motion. On some fast scenes, there is some type of stutter/blur thing going. My 2 other Plasma tvs don't have that issue. Very distracting for me.

I hope they fix this motion issue.

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