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Greetings. I am new to the forum and have wanted to join for a long time. I have some questions about a tall order for new headphones for pc gaming, taking calls, listening to music, etc.
Help me... you're my only hope as I am not finding the perfect set with all features in a reasonable budget. Except for the preferred side of the ears with the buttons there seemed to some options through a company named Jam. Otherwise please share ideas on this tall order.

  1. Bluetooth
  2. With wired 3.5mm option
  3. Active noise cancel
  4. Mic mute button to mute calls
  5. Dedicated buttons for volume control
  6. Dedicated buttons for previous and next
  7. Dedicated buttons for answer hang up and mute
  8. Prefer volume and mute options on left ear side so I can continue to use right handed mouse while working on pc.
  9. Prefer charge cable and 3.5 mm jack also on left ear side (again away from right hand when using a pc mouse).
  10. Built in mic rather than boom mic. But if boom mic then (Again on left ear side assuming mute button is on boom so right hand can use pc mouse).
  11. Thanks in advance
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William Lemmerhirt

William Lemmerhirt

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Check out Shure to see if they have what your looking for. I'm a fan of the SE-215's

Also post your question at Headfi.com
These are definitely good. I use them as my in ear monitors. I don’t think shure makes anything for the OP. But I do like my 215’s!

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