Tag McLaren's standing wave room correction



<font color='#000000'>An excellant explanation and graphic examples of the existance of and correction of bass standing waves in a professional listening room is demonstrated at their website
Tag McLaren

Even the very experienced professionals at Tag McLaren acknowledge that standing waves are an integral part of every HT listening room, even their own.

Just click on Applying TMREC ... a case study

You can also download the case study as a PDF file for off-line viewing.

It clearly explains how to use an MLS-based acoustic measurement package called ETF5 to measure room generated bass standing waves and then discusses how parametric EQ can minimize the audible effects to clean up the bass response.  Although they discuss the TMREQ room correction system provided in the Tag Mclaren HT processor, similiar functionality can be obtained with an inexpensive ($130) Behringer BFD 1124P Parametric Equilizer and your current HT system.

I've used the same ETF5 measurement software with a Behringer Parametric EQ in my HT system to correct bass standing waves for the last 4 years with great success.</font>

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