Switch from svideo to component turned screen blue



<font color='#000000'>My home theater setup has been working fine since '99 with an S-Video cable, today I went out and bought Component Video cables, hooked everything up, tried watching Reservoir Dogs and everything was tinted blue. &nbsp;I don't know if tinted is the right word, but everything was a shade of blue.

I've had the DVD player for 4 years, the back panel was kinda wiggly when I was connecting the cables, was kinda hard to push them on all the way. &nbsp;It's crappy anyhow, doesn't even have progressive scan.

TV is an almost-year-old Hitachi rear projection, component video worked fine on it with my Xbox.

Anyone got any suggestions, or do I have an excuse to get a new DVD player?</font>
Clint DeBoer

Clint DeBoer

<font color='#000080'>Sounds like you have a couple cables reversed or one not entirely plugged in (either via the RCA connection or a loose internal solder).</font>


<font color='#000000'>I like the idea of making it an excuse to get a new DVD player.


Technology is already old by the time it reaches one's home.</font>

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