SVS 1000 Pro Series Subwoofer Review



Have fun! :p

If you have any more questions just hit us up here. If you really wanna get deep in the weeds and learn how to dial your bass in, a Umik mic and REW are great tools for seeing what's going on in your room. I think the mic is 75 or 85 bucks and REW is free. It's helped me make some very noticeable improvements.
Hello again...just an update-I got a new PC2000 pro delivered and I placed it at the front and moved the PB1000pro next to my couch and after running audyssey I'm very happy with the results. Not necesssarily more volume for bass but it feels more tactile and not overwhelming...I decided NOT to raise the subs volumes and leave them at the level Audyssey chose. I think that just the PC2000 pro would be enough for most people with modest HT -even the PB-1000 pro is sufficient for most regular people, but I always wanted a dual SVS set up and this combo is unique. I can use the same app for both and I get an amazing 5 yr warranty. Who knows when I will go to the movies again...for now my Samsung 75" TV and my HT with the SVS subs is just perfect. I may look into the REW software one of these days for sure. Thanks!

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