Speaker suggestion for 3.1 in living room



Hi there all, this is my first post and I have been browsing around for quite some time. I love all the information on this site and really hope to benefit in future plans as well.

I have done my reading I have researched I have priced out and so on, and I still have no idea on which route to go.

What I'm looking for is speaker suggestions for my 3.1 system in my living room. On wall speakers only as I want to keep the room clean and tidy looking. The room is somewhat large at 16' x 24' with 12' cathedral ceilings as well as opening up to the kitchen and dining area.

I am looking for something that will not break the bank and is aestheticly pleasing enough(the obvious here is I want them to sound as good as they can for the budget). Say budget for the 3 would be say 700 to 1500. These will be almost exclusively used for TV and movies. It's for casual viewing as there will be a theatre in the basement. I will NOT be looking to upgrade from 3.1 either.

I've looked at cantons, axions, def tech, tribe, Martin's........yada yada yada. There are too many to list and I'm getting overwhelmed.

Can purchase a receiver as well but currently have a Yamaha rx v565 . I also have a a formula bic f12 subwoofer I could use for the time being if I don't feel like purchasing a new one for awhile.

Also as a side note I would love some information or a link that's worth reading on what is needed to run my receiver from the closet to the back of the TV(tcl 6 series but will upgrade to of oled at some point). HDMI vs cat6, Speaker wire and so on as I would like to know what is needed as I am moving my electrical up the wall as well.

Any questions, suggestions, information or what not would be much appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.



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Normally I'd try to talk a guy out of on walls, but you've done a great job of describing your needs so I think on wall will work just fine for your application.

That said, I don't know a lot about on wall selections, but I do know that Canton has been getting a lot of love around here lately and I've always thought I could live with something from DefTech's Mythos line (as long as I had a good subwoofer). Those are kinda pricey tho. Would in wall also be a consideration or are you trying to avoid cutting holes in the wall?


Oh trust me I know almost everyone tries and steer people away from on walls(my research has shown me that ha). The reason for staying away from in walls is the center channel would really need some work around with the wall. I'd really need to do more than Just cut a hole into the wall to place one as the framing is an issue. I also would not want two in wall L and R and an on wall center as I have seen some suggest.

I almost purchased 3 of the mythos xtr50 for 350 a piece but I know that line is now discontinued and I wasn't sure the type of support I would get for them.

That's my dilemma. I almost purchase something, then I read something else or get some new information and it says me and I wait.

I have been reading and researching for nearly 3 months now(had planned on going in wall first and really took time looking Into those as well).

This is why I resort to those that may know more than me or have at least dealt with this situation before ha.


After speaking with the significant other, there has been a few more how shall I say....... stipulations.

Basically she would like them all to be the same size if possible, she would like them to be relatively the same height dimension as the TV if possible and again look nice and clean.

With those in mind I now sort of have a list and it is as follows

Martinlogan slm xl
Revel m10
Goldenear supersat 50
Def tech mythos xtr 50
Klipsch rp640d

I think that's it for the price point and look we/she is going for lol

Any thoughts on these or any I am missing?


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From that bunch I would go with either MartinLogan or Revel. They won't knock your socks off but they should be competent for what they are.


Yeah I'm not looking to get blown away by then I'm just looking for a nice upgraded sound better than a soundbar that'll be aesthetically pleasing. What's the reason behind those two rather than the others

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