Speaker Sound-off - Which speakers would you choose to buy?

  • Energy Connoisseur C-9, C-R3, C-C1 - $3000 inc. tax

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  • Mirage OM9, OM-C3, OM-R2 - $3200 inc. tax

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  • Paragim Reference Studio 60, CC, ADP - $???

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<font color='#000000'>Looking to buy a decent set of speakers (Floorstanding mains, a centre, two rears &amp; a sub) for under $3,500.00 Cnd. &nbsp;These are the ones I've researched so far. &nbsp;Any advise will be appreciated.</font>


<font color='#000000'>Paradigms Studio 60's are one of the cleanest speakers that I auditioned.  I currently own Paradigm's Studio 100's, Studio CC and a pair of Studio 40's. I went with the 100's over the 60's because I wasn't planning on purchasing a sub.  The 60's have the same clean midrange and smooth top end like the 100's, but lack a bit in the bottom end punch.  I did end up purchasing Paradigms PW-2200 sub, and I am satisfied with its integration/performance with the Studio’s.

When I was looking at systems, I had also listened to Energy's Veritas system.  I auditioned the V2.3’s (mains),V2.0C (center) and V2.1’s (rears).  I was just amazed by this system, until I compared the price of both Paradigm and Energy's systems.  The Energy system was nearly double in price, but did not overly exceed the performance of the Studio's. The Studio system, or at least in my opinion gave the best bang for your buck.

All your choices are good quality systems.

Good luck on your purchase!</font>


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Nevereverenuff : Looking to buy a decent set of speakers (Floorstanding mains, a centre, two rears &amp; a sub) for under $3,500.00 Cnd.  These are the ones I've researched so far.  Any advise will be appreciated.
Sorry could not commit myself to vote on your poll for the simple reason that I am not familiar with the speakers you mentioned other than the Paradigm.

If you like my view on the paradigm please check out my post  here</font>


<font color='#000000'>I just auditioned the Energy C-9 and the Paradigm Studio 60s side by side. &nbsp;I had been leaning toward Boston Acoustic VR965 before I heard these speakers. If I had to choose between the Paradigm and the Bostons, I would go with Boston. &nbsp;I love their sound. &nbsp; However, the Energy C-9 blew me away. &nbsp;Side by side with the Studio 60 was no comparision in my opinion. &nbsp;The C-9 is an amazing speaker in it's price range. It is more money than the Paradigm 60, but after hearing it, I will be spending the extra dough with no reservations. &nbsp; If you have not heard the C-9 and are thinking of the Studio 60s., please go a listen to them. &nbsp; Just a note, at first I was interested in the Energy C-7. &nbsp;This speaker sounded horrible. &nbsp; the mid and highs were OK, but the bass was terrible. &nbsp;It was so bad that I asked the saleperson if there was something wrong with the speaker. &nbsp;He said no? &nbsp;I was listening to my own music so I know the material should have been well within the speakers ability.
Anyway, my vote is for the Energy set up.



<font color='#000000'>By all means, look at the Axiom speakers available via internet purchase. Rave reviews!!! Check them out at their website www.axiomaudio.com. Amazing sound and value for the $$$ spent. Free shipping, 30-day trial offer.</font>


<font color='#000000'>I second the suggestion to look at Axiom. I auditioned both Pardigm, Energy and Mirage lines. Went with Axiom and have not regreted it except for their subwoofer. Mirage was my second choice.</font>


<font color='#000000'>For that kind of money I'd give a looooooooong listen to Dynaudio, Joesph Audio, and Energy Veritas. &nbsp;Give Jeff Joseph a call and he'll send you a pair to audition in the comfy confines of your abode for 30 unfettered days. &nbsp;I believe you will find the Joseph's to be musical and accurate beyond what you may ever have experienced.</font>


<font color='#000000'>Whoops, my bad. &nbsp;I misread your budget and variables. &nbsp;$3500 won't get you 5 Joseph's, it will get you 5 Dynaudio's. &nbsp;How 'bout Magneplanar?</font>

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