speaker reco - personal preferences - JBL L82 / KH IV / Other?



New here… looking for some advice / counsel / guidance / recommendations. Full disclosure - I don’t “speak” audiophile.

Looking to commit to a new pair of speakers (upgrade). Price range - $2.5-$3.5K USD ($3.5-$5k CAD).

I have been looking at a couple options: JBL L82 and Klipsch Heresy IV.

* Technica SL1200MK7 turntable
* Yamaha RN 2000 A network receiver (will be a recent upgrade from my current Yamaha amp - I’m a Yamaha loyalist).

In reading many reviews of speakers the following has struck me: “the reviews say as much of the reviewer as it does the speakers” and “it depends”. In other words - despite tremendous credentials - there is a lot of subjectivity (fair enough) and - like many things in life - it depends on what / how you intend to use it (personal preferences).

With that said - here are my personal preferences when listening to music:
* lots of use / long sessions of listening / enjoying
* the space where the systems is has exceptional good natural acoustics - medium sized space (~800 sf)
* the majority of the time I listen at lower to moderate volume levels - on occasion “it's going to get loud”.
* really enjoy listening to live recorded performances - most of my vinyl collection is dedicated to this.

A few examples of music / preference includes the following:

NY - Live at Massey Hall
DB - Bowie at the Beeb (BBC Sessions)
PF - Pulse
BM - Babylon by Bus
TH - Stop Making Sense
RS - El Mocambo
TP - Live Anthology
MK - All the Roadrunning

* love the feeling / emotion of being immersed in the performances - of “being there” - feeling the energy of the performance
* for speakers - quality and timelessness matters - strong preference for a nod to retro and simple aesthetic
* also watch a lot of recorded live performances via TV through the system

With that said… any speaker recommendations in the price range above? Would either JBL L82 and Klipsch Heresy IV serve my preferences well?

Thanks in advance!
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