Speaker placements again...



Junior Audioholic

I apologize in advance for asking once again. I'm getting a media room built. You can see measurements in the attached drawing. One thing not in the drawing is the room height which is 2.7 metres. I'm trying to place speakers so that they form a circle around the main listening position. I believe my head will be 3 metres from the front wall with the TV. There will be a piece of furniture under the TV with receiver and media players. The center speaker will be sitting on top of that.

The lines and the circle are just to help me find the right position and understand if I'm more or less placing the speakers in a circle around me.


Receiver: Denon AVC-X8500H
Center speaker: Monitor Audio Silver C350
Front L/R: Monitor Audio Silver 500
Surround/back: Monitor Audio Silver 300
Height speakers: KEF Ci160QR
Subs: 2 x SVS SB4000
Misc media players

The thing I'm most concerned with is the placement of the front speakers. On my drawing they are very close to the wall with the TV. 20 cm from it. I would like to move them out but then I seem to potentially get in trouble with angles. I have been trying to get 60 degrees between everything but I can't really figure out the math. Guess I should have listened 40 years ago when the teacher told me about trigonometry ;-)

One more note: Since the room isn't finished yet I don't know the best position of subs so ideally I'd like to be able to place them either 1/4 into the room (like on the drawing) or in corners. And the reason I'm trying to do all this before the room is finished is to have the electrician install the speakers in the ceiling in the correct position. This will be part of building the media room.

So if anyone can help with the best placement I'd be grateful.



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