Kyle Braunlich

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I have a pro sub 1000, two SM55 bookshelf’s, pro center 1000,and two sr-9040 surrounds.
1. I was wondering if buying speakers used is ever a good idea? e.g. buying from ebay?
2. If the answer to question one is yes, would the pro center 1000 be a good speaker to use for Atmos speakers, front height or above ceiling? I plan on getting a third SM55 for a center channel if I do this.
Thanks for any help,
-Kyle Braunlich


Audioholic Field Marshall
If you have any way of getting used speakers locally, that's best so you can audition and make certain they work to your satisfaction. Otherwise, if you are comfortable buying sight unseen... yes, people do it. *shrugs

You could probably figure out a way to repurpose that center speaker, but its somewhat limited with its horizontal design and radiators on the ends. Plus, you would need to get a second to make it work in a Surround/Atmos configuration.

Why not sell that to help get speakers better suited to surround detail? Or just to help pay for the SM55?

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